The TREE Procedure

Displayed Output

The displayed output from the TREE procedure includes the following:

  • the names of the objects in the tree

  • the height axis

  • the tree diagram.

The leaves of the tree diagram are displayed at the bottom of the graph. Horizontal lines connect the leaves into branches, while the topmost horizontal line indicates the root.

If the LINEPRINTER option is specified, the root (the cluster that contains all the objects) is indicated by a solid line of the character specified by the TREECHAR= option (the default character is ‘X’). At each level of the tree, clusters are shown by unbroken lines of the TREECHAR= symbol with the FILLCHAR= symbol (the default is a blank) separating the clusters. The LEAFCHAR= symbol (the default character is a period) represents single-member clusters.

By default, the tree diagram is oriented with the height axis vertical and the object names at the top of the diagram. If the HORIZONTAL option is specified, then the height axis is horizontal and the object names are on the left.