The HPMIXED Procedure

TEST Statement

TEST fixed-effects </ options> ;

The TEST statement performs a hypothesis test on the fixed effects. You can specify multiple effects in one TEST statement or in multiple TEST statements, and all TEST statements must appear after the MODEL statement.

You can specify the following options in the TEST statement after a slash (/).


indicates the type of hypothesis test to perform on the specified effects. Valid entries for values in the value-list are 3, corresponding to a Type III test. The default value is 3. The ODS table name is Tests3 for the Type III test.


requests that matrix coefficients associated with test types be displayed for specified effects.


requests that Type III matrix coefficients be displayed if a Type III test is performed.


requests that $\chi ^2$ tests be performed in addition to any F tests. A $\chi ^2$ statistic equals its corresponding F statistic times the associate numerator degree of freedom, and this same degree of freedom is used to compute the p-value for the $\chi ^2$ test. This p-value will always be less than that for the F test, because it effectively corresponds to an F test with infinite denominator degrees of freedom.