The CORRESP Procedure

Syntax: CORRESP Procedure

The following statements are available in the CORRESP procedure.

PROC CORRESP <options> ;
TABLES <row-variables,> column-variables ;
VAR variables ;
BY variables ;
ID variable ;
WEIGHT variable ;

There are two separate forms of input to PROC CORRESP. One form is specified in the TABLES statement, the other in the VAR statement. You must specify either the TABLES or the VAR statement, but not both, each time you run PROC CORRESP.

Specify the TABLES statement if you are using raw, categorical data, the levels of which define the rows and columns of a table.

Specify the VAR statement if your data are already in tabular form. PROC CORRESP is generally more efficient with VAR statement input than with TABLES statement input.

The other statements are optional. All of the statements are explained, in alphabetical order, following the PROC CORRESP statement. All of the options in PROC CORRESP can be abbreviated to their first three letters, except for the OUTF= option. This is a special feature of PROC CORRESP and is not generally true of SAS/STAT procedures.