The CORRESP Procedure

Input Data Set

PROC CORRESP can read two kinds of input:

  • raw category responses on two or more classification variables with the TABLES statement

  • a two-way contingency table with the VAR statement

You can use output from PROC FREQ as input for PROC CORRESP.

The classification variables referred to by the TABLES statement can be either numeric or character variables. Normally, all observations for a given variable that have the same formatted value are placed in the same level, and observations with different values are placed in different levels.

The variables in the VAR statement must be numeric. The values of the observations specify the cell frequencies. These values are not required to be integers, but only those observations with all nonnegative, nonmissing values are used in the correspondence analysis. Observations with one or more negative values are removed from the analysis.

The WEIGHT variable must be numeric. Observations with negative weights are treated as supplementary observations. The absolute values of the weights are used to weight the observations.