The HPREG Procedure

Syntax: HPREG Procedure

The following statements are available in the HPREG procedure:

  • PROC HPREG <options>;

  • BY variables;

  • CODE <options>;

  • CLASS variable <(options)>$\ldots $ <variable <(options)>> </ global-options>;

  • MODEL dependent = <effects> </ model-options>;

  • OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set><keyword <=name>>…<keyword <=name>> </ options>;

  • PARTITION <partition-options>;

  • PERFORMANCE <performance-options>;

  • SELECTION options;

  • FREQ variable;

  • ID variables;

  • WEIGHT variable;

The PROC HPREG statement and a single MODEL statement are required. All other statements are optional. The CLASS statement can appear multiple times. If a CLASS statement is specified, it must precede the MODEL statement.