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Marking Observations

Marking Individual Observations

You can set the marker shape for any observations you select.

Open the GPA data set.

Create a scatter plot of SATM versus SATV.

Use the techniques described in Chapter 5, "Exploring Data in Two Dimensions."

Click on an observation to select it.

mar02.gif (9753 bytes)

Figure 10.2: Scatter Plot

Choose Edit:Windows:Tools.

This toggles the display of the tools window, as shown in Figure 10.4.

Figure 10.3: Edit:Windows Menu

Click on the upward-pointing triangle in the tools window.

This changes the marker for the selected observation from a square to a triangle. The marker also changes to a triangle in the data window and in any other windows.

mar04.gif (18174 bytes)

Figure 10.4: Changing a Marker

Similarly, you can select a group of observations in a brush and assign markers for the group. Markers provide a convenient way to track observations across multiple windows. They also enable you to keep track of observations when they are deselected.

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