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Fit Analyses

Parametric Profile Surface Plot

With more than two explanatory interval variables in the model, a parametric profile surface plot is a continuous surface plot of the predicted responses from the fitted parametric model on a set of regular grids of a pair of explanatory variables. The values of the remaining explanatory variables are initially set at their means and can be adjusted with the sliders.

By default, the first two explanatory variables are used in the surface plot. You can also create profile surface plots for other explanatory variables by selecting the two variables before choosing Graphs:Surface Plot:Parametric profile. Figure 39.32 shows a parametric profile surface plot of oxy as a quadratic function of runpulse and maxpulse with rstpulse = 53.4516.

fit32.gif (14473 bytes)

Figure 39.32: Parametric Profile Surface Plot

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