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Examining Data

Arranging Variables

Using scroll bars, you can view all of your data, but the variables and observations may not always be arranged as you would like. For example, suppose you are interested in the salaries of the players in the data set SASUSER.BASEBALL. To move the SALARY variable to the first position in the data window, follow these steps.

Scroll the data window to the SALARY variable.

SALARY is the last variable, so drag the slider on the horizontal scroll bar all the way to the right.

Point to the SALARY variable name.

Then click with the mouse to select the variable SALARY. The variable becomes highlighted when you select it.

exa07.gif (10588 bytes)

Figure 3.6: Selecting the Last Variable

Click on the menu button in the upper left corner.

This opens the data pop-up menu. Click on Move to First.

exa08.gif (10352 bytes)

Figure 3.7: Data Pop-up Menu

This moves the selected variable to the first position. Note that the Data menu also has a Move to Last choice, so you can easily move variables to the last position.

exa09.gif (11584 bytes)

Figure 3.8: Variable in First Position

You can also move individual variables to different locations by using the hand tool.

Choose Edit:Windows:Tools.

Figure 3.9: Edit:Windows Menu

The tools window is shown in the next figure.

thr06.gif (5627 bytes)

Figure 3.10: Tools Window

Click the Hand tool at the top of the Tools window.

The cursor changes to a hand. Move the hand to the variable named Salary.

Press the left mouse button and hold it down.

A dotted rectangle should appear as the outline of the variable column.

Drag the rectangle so that its middle is on the border between Name and Team.

Release the left mouse button.

The Salary variable has become the second variable in the data window.

movesal.gif (14338 bytes)

Figure 3.11: Variable in Second Position

Use the Hand tool to move Salary back to the first position.

Click the arrow tool in the Tools window to restore the cursor.

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