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Examining Data

Invoking SAS/INSIGHT Software

Using one of the methods mentioned in Chapter 2, "Entering Data," invoke SAS/INSIGHT software to display the data set dialog.

In the dialog, point and click to choose a library and data set.

A library is a location where data sets are stored. Point to the list on the left and click on any library to see a list of data sets stored there. Point to the list on the right and click on any data set to select it for opening. Then click on Open to open a window on the data.

exa03.gif (6153 bytes)

Figure 3.2: Data Set Dialog

As a shortcut, you can click twice rapidly on the data set (a double-click) instead of clicking once on the data set and once on the Open button.

exa04.gif (11295 bytes)

Figure 3.3: Data Window

Each variable in SAS/INSIGHT software has a measurement level that determines the way it is treated in graphs and analyses. The measurement level for each variable appears above the variable name. You can assign two measurement levels: interval and nominal.

variables contain values that vary across a continuous range. For example, NO_ATBAT is an interval variable in Figure 3.3.

variables contain a discrete set of values. For example, NAME is a nominal variable in Figure 3.3.

Each observation in SAS/INSIGHT software has a marker, a graphic shape that identifies the observation in graphs. The marker for each observation appears to the left of the observation number.

The number of observations and the number of variables in the data set appear in the upper left corner of the data window. The data window in Figure 3.3 shows that SASUSER.BASEBALL has 322 observations and 22 variables.

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