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Editing Windows

Renewing Windows

Renewing restores the original state of the window. Renewing also gives you the opportunity to change the variables and options used to create the window.

Restore the arrow tool by clicking on the arrow button in the Tools window.

Choose Edit:Windows:Renew.

Figure 25.10: Edit:Windows Menu

This displays the Scatter Plot variables dialog used to create the window.

edw11.gif (6521 bytes)

Figure 25.11: Scatter Plot Variables Dialog

Click OK to re-create the scatter plot matrix at its original size, as shown in Figure 25.3.

You can also use Edit:Windows:Renew to adjust variables and options associated with your window.

Choose Edit:Windows:Renew again to display the variables dialog

In the dialog, select SATM, SATV, and SEX in both Y and X lists.

Click Remove to remove these variables.

edw12.gif (6781 bytes)

Figure 25.12: Removing Variables

Click Output to display the output options dialog

In the options dialog, click on the Labels button to display variable labels.

edw13.gif (3349 bytes)

Figure 25.13: Setting Variable Labels

Click OK in both dialogs to renew the window.

The matrix that was seven-by-seven is now four-by-four, and it displays variable labels instead of names.

edw14.gif (19781 bytes)

Figure 25.14: Renewed Window

To reset the scatter plot output to display variable names again, follow the same steps to display the scatter plot options dialog, then click on the Names button under Variable: in the dialog.

Scatter Plot Matrix, Chapter 5, Chapter 35.

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