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Coloring Observations

Coloring by Interval Variable

You can also set the marker colors based on the value of an interval variable.

Click on GPA in the data window.

Click on the large multiple colors button in the tools window.

SAS/INSIGHT software assigns a color to each observation depending on the value of GPA for that observation. The color varies smoothly between the two colors at the ends of the button. This use of color adds an extra dimension to the plot.

col06.gif (21453 bytes)

Figure 11.6: Assigning Colors by GPA

Some hosts do not support color blending. On these hosts, SAS/INSIGHT software uses a discrete set of colors instead of a smooth blend. You may also see this behavior when running multiple applications that do not share color resources. When the host does not support blending, or insufficient colors are available, the multiple colors button shows discrete bands of colors instead of a smooth blend.

On hosts that support color blending, you can choose the range over which the color varies. The left end of the multiple colors button defaults to white or black, whichever contrasts with the background color. The right end of the multiple colors button defaults to red. To use a range from blue to red, follow these steps.

Place the cursor on the blue button in the tools window.

Drag the blue color down to the left end of the large button.

Then release the mouse button. The colors in the button change to a smooth blend between blue and red.

You can also drag colors to the right side of the button to make other blends. This lets you choose colors that have meaning for your data, for example, blue-to-red for cold-to-hot or brown-to-green for arid-to-tropical.

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