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Coloring Observations

Coloring Individual Observations

You can set the color for any observations you select.

Open the GPA data set.

Create a scatter plot of SATM versus SATV.

Use the techniques described in Chapter 5, "Exploring Data in Two Dimensions."

Click on an observation to select it.

col02.gif (9753 bytes)

Figure 11.2: Scatter Plot

Choose Edit:Windows:Tools.

This toggles the display of the tools window, shown in Figure 11.4.


Figure 11.3: Edit:Windows Menu

Click on the red button in the tools window.

This causes the selected observation to turn red. The marker also becomes red in the data window and in any other windows.

col04.gif (18454 bytes)

Figure 11.4: Changing a Color

You can similarly select a group of observations in a brush and assign colors for the group. Colors, like markers, provide a convenient way to track observations through multiple windows.

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