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Adjusting Axes and Ticks

Adjusting Ticks

Major tick marks have an associated tick label, if space permits. Minor tick marks are smaller marks evenly spaced between the major tick marks. By default, the number of minor tick marks is 0.

You can change the default tick marks in a histogram of verbal SAT scores by following these steps.

Open the GPA data set and create a histogram of verbal SAT scores.

Select the variable on the axis of interest.

axi02.gif (9476 bytes)

Figure 7.2: Selecting Variable SATV

Click on the button in the lower left corner to display the histogram pop-up menu.

Choose Ticks from the pop-up menu to display the Ticks dialog.

Figure 7.3: Histogram Pop-up Menu

Figure 7.4 shows the Ticks dialog for the SATV axis in the histogram.

axi03.gif (3054 bytes)

Figure 7.4: Ticks Dialog

Change the values in the Ticks dialog.

Set the first tick to 200, the last tick to 800, the axis minimum to 175, and the axis maximum to 825.

axi04.gif (3104 bytes)

Figure 7.5: Changing Ticks

Click OK to redraw the histogram with the new tick specifications.

axi05.gif (9596 bytes)

Figure 7.6: Histogram with New Ticks

You can use the Ticks dialog similarly to scale axes in all other two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs.

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