XCHART Statement: ANOM Procedure

Saving Summary Statistics for Groups

See ANMXSUM in the SAS/QC Sample LibraryIn this example, the XCHART statement is used to create a data set containing group summary statistics that can be read later by the ANOM procedure (as in the preceding example). The following statements read measurements from the data set LabelDeviations and create a summary data set named LabelSummary:

proc anom data=LabelDeviations;
   xchart Deviation*Position / outsummary=LabelSummary

The OUTSUMMARY= option names the output data set, and the NOCHART option suppresses the display of the chart, which would be identical to the chart in Figure 4.22.

Figure 4.25 contains a listing of LabelSummary.

Figure 4.25: The Summary Data Set LabelSummary

The Data Set LabelSummary

Position DeviationX DeviationS DeviationN
1 -0.02234 0.022807 10
2 0.01625 0.033473 10
3 0.00604 0.028849 10
4 0.06473 0.021495 10
5 0.00813 0.025928 10
6 -0.01283 0.015986 10

There are four variables in the data set LabelSummary.

  • Position identifies the group.

  • DeviationX contains the group means.

  • DeviationS contains the group standard deviations.

  • DeviationN contains the group sizes.

Note that the summary statistic variables are named by adding the suffix characters X, S, and N to the response Deviation specified in the XCHART statement. In other words, the variable naming convention for OUTSUMMARY= data sets is the same as that for SUMMARY= data sets.

For more information, see the section OUTSUMMARY= Data Set.