BOXCHART Statement: ANOM Procedure

ODS Graphics

Before you create ODS Graphics output, ODS Graphics must be enabled (for example, by using the ODS GRAPHICS ON statement). For more information about enabling and disabling ODS Graphics, see the section Enabling and Disabling ODS Graphics in SAS/STAT 12.1 User's Guide. Note: In SAS/QC 12.1 the ANOM procedure does not support the creation of graphs that are editable with the ODS Graphics Editor.

The appearance of a graph produced with ODS Graphics is determined by the style associated with the ODS destination where the graph is produced. BOXCHART options used to control the appearance of traditional graphics are ignored for ODS Graphics output. Options for Producing Graphs Using ODS Styles lists options that can be used to control the appearance of graphs produced with ODS Graphics or with traditional graphics using ODS styles. Options for ODS Graphics lists options to be used exclusively with ODS Graphics. Detailed descriptions of these options are provided in Dictionary of Options: SHEWHART Procedure.

When ODS Graphics is in effect, the BOXCHART statement assigns a name to the graph it creates. You can use this name to reference the graph when using ODS. The name is listed in Table 4.6.

Table 4.6: ODS Graphics Produced by the BOXCHART Statement

ODS Graph Name

Plot Description


ANOM boxchart

See Chapter 3: SAS/QC Graphics, for more information about ODS Graphics and other methods for producing charts.