The HPSAMPLE Procedure

Overview: HPSAMPLE Procedure

The HPSAMPLE procedure is a high-performance procedure that performs either simple random sampling or stratified sampling. The HPSAMPLE procedure runs in either single-machine mode or distributed mode. Note: Distributed mode requires SAS High-Performance Server Distributed Mode .

The HPSAMPLE procedure creates the following:

  • one output data set, which contains the sample data set

  • one performance table, which contains performance information

  • one frequency table, which contains the frequency information for the population and sample

Because the HPSAMPLE procedure is a high-performance analytical procedure, it also does the following:

  • enables you to run in distributed mode on a cluster of machines that distribute the data and the computations

  • enables you to run in single-machine mode on the server where SAS is installed

  • exploits all the available cores and concurrent threads, regardless of execution mode (currently HPSAMPLE is only using a single thread)

For more information, see the section Processing Modes in ChapterĀ 3: Shared Concepts and Topics.