The HPSAMPLE Procedure

Displayed Output

The following sections describe the output that PROC HPSAMPLE produces by default. The output is organized into various tables, which are discussed in the order of their appearance.

Performance Information

The "Performance Information" table is produced by default. It displays information about the execution mode. For single-machine mode, the table displays the number of threads used. For distributed mode, the table displays the number of compute nodes and the number of threads per node.

If you specify the DETAILS option in the PERFORMANCE statement, the procedure also produces a "Timing" table in which elapsed times (absolute and relative) for the main tasks of the procedure are displayed.

Timing Table

The "Timing Table" lists the timing information for various computational stages of the procedure.

Frequency Information Table

For simple random sampling, the "Frequency Information Table" lists the number of observations in the input data set and in the sample output data set.

For stratified sampling, the "Frequency Information Table" table lists the respective frequency in each stratum for the input data and the sample. If one target variable is specified, each level of the target variable represents a stratum; if two target variables are specified, a combination of the levels of two target variables represents a stratum.