The HPSUMMARY Procedure

WAYS Statement


WAYS list ;

The WAYS statement specifies the number of ways to make unique combinations of classification variables. You can use the TYPES statement to specify additional combinations of classification variables.

Required Argument


specifies one or more integers that define the number of classification variables to combine to form all the unique combinations of classification variables. For example, you can specify 2 for all possible pairs and 3 for all possible triples. The list can be specified in the following ways:

  • m

  • m1 m2 ... m$n$

  • m1,m2,...,m$n$

  • m TO n <BY increment>

  • m1,m2, TO m3 <BY increment>,m4

The range of list is from 0 to the maximum number of classification variables.

The following statements are an example of creating two-way types for the classification variables A, B, and C:

class A B C ;
ways 2;

The WAYS statement in this example is equivalent to specifying A*B, A*C, and B*C in the TYPES statement.