The HPSUMMARY Procedure

Overview: HPSUMMARY Procedure

The HPSUMMARY procedure computes basic descriptive statistics for variables in a SAS data set. It is a high-performance version of the SUMMARY procedure in Base SAS. PROC HPSUMMARY runs in either single-machine mode or distributed mode.

Note: Distributed mode requires SAS High-Performance Server Distributed Mode .

When run in distributed mode, the HPSUMMARY procedure enables you to summarize data that have been distributed to the grid for parallel execution. The output data that PROC HPSUMMARY creates can then be written in parallel back to the grid data store.

In distributed mode, it is recommended that input data reside on the grid and that results be output back to the grid. Although it is possible to use PROC HPSUMMARY on data that do not reside on the grid or to produce result tables that do not reside on the grid, this usage is not recommended because of the overhead of transferring data to and from the grid.

PROC HPSUMMARY provides functionality similar to that of the SUMMARY procedure in Base SAS. Its syntax, options, and underlying concepts are also similar. Because of this similarity, documentation for the SUMMARY procedure can be useful in understanding PROC HPSUMMARY. For more information about the SUMMARY procedure, see the Base SAS Procedures Guide.