FCMP Procedure


PROC FCMP options;
ARRAY array-name[dimensions] </NOSYMBOLS | variables | constants | (initial-values)>;
ATTRIB variables <FORMAT=format-name LABEL='label' LENGTH=length>;
DELETEFUNC function-name;
DELETESUBR subroutine-name;
FUNCTION function-name(argument-1, ..., argument-n) <VARARGS> <$> <length>
<KIND | GROUP='string'>;
LABEL variable='label';
LISTFUNC function-name;
LISTSUBR subroutine-name;
STRUCT structure-name variable;
SUBROUTINE subroutine-name (argument-1, ..., argument-n) <VARARGS>
<LABEL='label'> <KIND | GROUP='string'>;
OUTARGS out-argument-1, ..., out-argument-n;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
PROC FCMP Statement Create, test, and store SAS functions for use by other SAS procedures Ex. 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 8, Ex. 7
ABORT Statement Terminate the execution of the current DATA step, SAS job, or SAS session  
ARRAY Statement Associate a name with a list of variables and constants Ex. 8
ATTRIB Statement Specify format, label, and length information for a variable  
DELETEFUNC Statement Delete a function from the function library that is specified in the OUTLIB option  
DELETESUBR Statement Delete a subroutine from the function library that is specified in the OUTLIB option  
FUNCTION Statement Return changed variable values Ex. 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 7
LABEL Statement Specify a label for variables  
LISTFUNC Statement Write the source code of a function in the SAS listing  
LISTSUBR Statement Write the source code for a subroutine in the SAS listing  
STRUCT Statement Declare (create) structure types  
SUBROUTINE Statement Declare (create) independent computational blocks of code Ex. 8
OUTARGS Statement (Use only with the SUBROUTINE statement.) Specify arguments from the argument list that the subroutine should update Ex. 2, Ex. 8