GROOVY Procedure


Enables SAS code to run Groovy code on the JVM.


PROC GROOVY <classpath options>;

Optional Argument

classpath options
can be one of the following:
specifies a quoted CLASSPATH string or a fileref to a specific jar file that is to be added to the current classpath. This path is searched after the paths that are in the user’s CLASSPATH environment variable.
SASJAR= <version=> | <range=>
specifies a quoted string that identifies a jar in the Versioned Jar Repository (VJR) that should be added to the current classpath. The VERSION and RANGE values are optional. RANGE takes precedence over VERSION, as in the following example:
ADD SASJAR="sas.core";
ADD SASJAR="sas.core" version="903000.9.0.20100810190000_v930";
ADD SASJAR="sas.core" range="[0,909000]";
Note: SAS jars do not have a source compatibility guarantee across versions of SAS. Future versions of this jar can change without notice. To ensure continued functionality, contact SAS Technical Support.


PROC GROOVY uses the current user’s CLASSPATH environment variable as the base for building its classpath. You can use the CLASSPATH and SASJAR options to add paths to the current classpath.
When a class is loaded, the paths are searched in the following order:
  1. CLASSPATH environment variable at the time the process started
  2. paths added with the ADD CLASSPATH and ADD SASJAR statements in the order in which they were executed