GROOVY Procedure

Overview: GROOVY Procedure

Groovy is a dynamic language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). PROC GROOVY enables SAS code to execute Groovy code on the JVM.
PROC GROOVY can run Groovy statements that are written as part of your SAS code, and it can run statements that are in files that you specify with PROC GROOVY commands. It can parse Groovy statements into Groovy Class objects, and run these objects or make them available to other PROC GROOVY statements or Java DATA Step Objects. You can also use PROC GROOVY to update your CLASSPATH environment variable with additional CLASSPATH strings or filerefs to jar files.
  • Groovy code that is submitted with PROC GROOVY runs as the process owner, and has the same access to resources (file system, network, and so on) as any process owner. Groovy code access to resources can cause problems when SAS code is running inside multiuser servers like the Stored Process Server. To give administrators some control over this functionality, PROC GROOVY runs only if the NOXCMD option is turned off. All SAS servers are shipped with the NOXCMD option turned on.
  • The use of a percent character (%) in the first byte of the text that is output by Java to the SAS log is reserved by SAS. If you need to output a percent character in the first byte of a Java text line, then you must immediately follow it with another percent character (%%).