REGISTRY Procedure

Example 1: Importing a File to the Registry



Other features:

FILENAME statement


This example imports a file into the SASUSER portion of the SAS registry.
The following source file contains examples of valid key name sequences in a registry file:
 @="This is a string value"


filename source 'external-file';
proc registry   import=source;

Program Description

Assign a fileref to a file that contains valid text for the registry. The FILENAME statement assigns the fileref SOURCE to the external file that contains the text to read into the registry.
filename source 'external-file';
Invoke PROC REGISTRY to import the file that contains input for the registry. PROC REGISTRY reads the input file that is identified by the fileref SOURCE. IMPORT= writes to the SASUSER portion of the SAS registry by default.
proc registry   import=source;

Output: Log

Log Output from Importing a File to the Registry

Parsing REG file and loading the registry please wait....
Registry IMPORT is now complete.