REGISTRY Procedure

Overview: REGISTRY Procedure

The REGISTRY procedure maintains the SAS registry. The registry consists of two parts. One part is stored in the SASHELP library, and the other part is stored in the SASUSER library.
The REGISTRY procedure enables you to do the following:
  • Import registry files to populate the SASHELP and SASUSER registries.
  • Export all or part of the registry to another file.
  • List the contents of the registry in the SAS log.
  • Compare the contents of the registry to a file.
  • Uninstall a registry file.
  • Deliver detailed status information when a key or value will be overwritten or uninstalled.
  • Clear out entries in the SASUSER registry.
  • Validate that the registry exists.
  • List diagnostic information.
For more information, see the SAS registry section in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.