CATALOG Procedure

Tips: Supports RUN-group processing.

You can perform similar functions with the SAS Explorer window and with dictionary tables in the SQL procedure. For information about the Explorer window, see the online Help. For information about PROC SQL, see SAS SQL Procedure User's Guide.

See: CATALOG Procedure under Windows, UNIX, z/OS


CONTENTS <OUT=SAS-data-set> <FILE=fileref>;
COPY OUT=<libref.>catalog <options>;
SELECT entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
EXCLUDE entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
CHANGE old-name-1=new-name-1
</ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
EXCHANGE name-1=other-name-1
</ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
DELETE entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
MODIFY entry (DESCRIPTION=<<'>entry-description<'>>)</ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
SAVE entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
PROC CATALOG Statement Copy entries from one SAS catalog to another Ex. 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 3
CHANGE Statement Change the names of catalog entries Ex. 2
CONTENTS Statement Print the contents of a catalog Ex. 2
COPY Statement Copy some or all of the entries in one catalog to another catalog Ex. 1
DELETE Statement Delete specified entries Ex. 1
EXCHANGE Statement Switch the names of two catalog entries  
EXCLUDE Statement Exclude entries from being copied Ex. 1
MODIFY Statement Change the description of a catalog entry Ex. 2
SAVE Statement Delete all except the entries specified  
SELECT Statement Copy only selected entries Ex. 1