EXPORT Procedure

Restriction: The EXPORT procedure is available for the following operating environments:
  • Windows
  • UNIX


PROC EXPORT DATA=<libref.>SAS data set <(SAS data set options)>
OUTFILE="filename" | OUTTABLE="tablename"
<DBMS=identifier> <REPLACE> <LABEL>;

statements for exporting to delimited files
DELIMITER=char | 'nn'x;

statements for exporting to JMP files
DBENCODING=12-byte SAS encoding-value ;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
PROC EXPORT Statement Export SAS data sets to an external data file Ex. 1, Ex. 2
DBENCODING Statement Indicate the encoding used to save data in JMP files  
DELIMITER Statement Specify the delimiter to separate columns of data in the delimited output file Ex. 1
FMTLIB Statement Write SAS format values defined in the format catalog to the JMP file for the value labels  
META Statement Write SAS metadata information to the JMP file