The CPM Procedure

RESOURCESCHED= Resource Schedule Data Set

The Resource Schedule data set (requested by the RESSCHED= option on the CPM statement) is very similar to the Schedule data set, and it contains the start and finish times for each resource used by each activity. The data set contains the variables listed in the ACTIVITY, TAILNODE, and HEADNODE statements and all the relevant schedule variables (E_START, E_FINISH, and so forth). For each activity in the project, this data set contains the schedule for the entire activity as well as the schedule for each resource used by the activity. The variable RESOURCE identifies the name of the resource to which the observation refers; the value of the RESOURCE variable is missing for observations that refer to the entire activity’s schedule. The variable DUR_TYPE indicates whether the resource is a driving resource or a spanning resource or whether it is of the fixed type.

A variable _DUR_ indicates the duration of the activity for the resource identified in that observation. This variable has missing values for resources that are of the spanning type. For resources that are of the driving type, the variable _WORK_ shows the total amount of work required by the resource for the activity in that observation. The variable R_RATE shows the rate of usage of the resource for the relevant activity. For driving resources, the variable _DUR_ is computed as (WORK / R_RATE).

If you specify an ACTUAL statement, the Resource Schedule data set also contains the STATUS variable indicating whether the resource has completed work on the activity, is in progress, or is still pending.