The OPTMILP Option Tuner

Tuner Log

The following information about the option tuner is printed in the tuner log:


indicates the number of problems that the tuner has completed.


indicates the number of configurations that the tuner has completed.


indicates the geometric mean or sum of the solve times (over all tuning problems) of the current best option configuration. When one of the solves comes from an unsuccessful run, an asterisk (*) is placed next to the time.


indicates the time (in seconds) that is used by the tuner.

The LOGFREQ= and LOGLEVEL= options can be used to control the amount of information printed in the tuner log. Figure 14.2 shows a sample tuner log.

Figure 14.2: Sample Option Tuner Log

NOTE: The Option Tuning algorithm (the Tuner) is enabled.                       
NOTE: The non-deterministic parallel mode is enabled.                           
NOTE: The Tuner is using up to 4 threads.                                       
      SolveCalls  Configurations    BestTime        Time                        
              10               5       86.11      296.43                        
              20              10       79.96      543.70                        
              30              14       76.72      797.27                        
              40              20       76.72     1074.21                        
NOTE: The tuning time is 1254.35 seconds.                                       
NOTE: The data set WORK.OUT has 48 observations and 13 variables.