The Nonlinear Programming Solver

Solver Termination Messages

Upon termination, the solver produces the following messages in the log:


The solver has successfully found a local solution to the optimization problem.

Conditionally optimal solution found

The solver is sufficiently close to a local solution, but it has difficulty in completely satisfying the user-defined optimality tolerance. This can happen when the line search finds very small steps that result in very slight progress of the algorithm. It can also happen when the prespecified tolerance is too strict for the optimization problem at hand.

Maximum number of iterations reached

The solver could not find a local optimum in the prespecified number of iterations.

Maximum specified time reached

The solver could not find a local optimum in the prespecified maximum real time for the optimization process.

Did not converge

The solver could not satisfy the optimality conditions and failed to converge.

Problem might be unbounded

The objective function takes arbitrarily large values, and the optimality conditions fail to be satisfied. This can happen when the problem is unconstrained or when the problem is constrained and the feasible region is not bounded.

Problem might be infeasible

The solver cannot identify a point in the feasible region.

Problem is infeasible

The solver detects that the problem is infeasible.

Out of memory

The problem is so large that the solver requires more memory to solve the problem.

Problem solved by the OPTMODEL presolver

The problem was solved by the OPTMODEL presolver.