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SAS Namespace Types


Subclass of AbstractPrompt


For use by the SAS Prompt Interface. The SAS Prompt Interface allows prompts to be defined as either shared or private. A private prompt is visible and used only by the prompt enabled object and may reference a shared prompt. A shared prompt is a prompt that is publicly visible and may be used by multiple objects. A prompt will be either associated to a single metadata object or, if acting as a shared prompt, a member ofa SAS Folder.

Security Inheritance and Enforcement Rules

The following list of associations is used to determine if this object should inherit access controls from another object (inheritance), or if the association is allowed for the object (enforcement). An association will not be created unless the calling user is authorized to update one or both objects involved in the association. For more information about inheritance and enforcement rules, see the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.


Name Description Type Length
PromptInfo Private information about the prompt, to be used only by the prompt interface.   String V512
PromptType Provides the input type to be used by the UI - such as textbox, checkbox   int  

Inherited Attributes
Name, Id, Desc, MetadataCreated, MetadataUpdated, ChangeState, IsHidden, LockedBy, PublicType, UsageVersion


Inherited Associations
AccessControls/Objects, Changes/Objects, CustomAssociations/OwningObject, Documents/Objects, Extensions/OwningObject, ExternalIdentities/OwningObject, FavoritesContainers/Favorites, Groups/Members, Implementors/ImplementedObjects, Keywords/Objects, LocalizedAttributes/AssociatedLocalizedObject, Notes/Objects, PrimaryPropertyGroup/AssociatedObject, PromptEnabledObject/Prompts, PromptReferences/ReferencedPrompts, Prompts/PromptEnabledObject, Properties/AssociatedObject, PropertySets/OwningObject, ReferencedObjects/AssociatedObjects, ReferencedPrompts/PromptReferences, ResponsibleParties/Objects, SourceTransformations/TransformationSources, SpecSourceTransformations/SourceSpecifications, SpecTargetTransformations/TargetSpecifications, TargetTransformations/TransformationTargets, Timestamps/Objects, Trees/Members, TSObjectNamespace/TSObjects, UsedByPrototypes/UsingPrototype, UsingPrototype/UsedByPrototypes, ValueSource/AssociatedPrompt, Variables/AssociatedObject

Attribute Details

     Type:  String V512

Private information about the prompt, to be used only by the prompt interface.

     Type:  int  

Provides the input type to be used by the UI - such as textbox, checkbox.

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