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What's New

What's New in SAS 9.3 Metadata Model: Reference


The SAS 9.3 Metadata Model has been modified to enhance modeling of Cubes and mining result output. It also includes new metadata types and attributes for graphical metadata interfaces.

New Metadata Types

Enhancements to Existing Metadata Types

Six existing metadata types were modified.

  • The Login metadata type has been re-parented as a PrimaryType subtype. A PrimaryType subtype can be added, updated, secured, and deleted independently of other objects in a SAS Metadata Repository. For more information, see Login, Software Deployment Submodel, and Diagrams for Software Deployment Metadata Types.
  • The lengths of the LogicalColumn metadata type's SASFormat and SASInformat attributes have been increased to support 43 characters instead of 32.
  • An association has been added between the MiningResult and TextStore metadata types. MiningResult has a ResultPMML association to TextStore; TextStore has an OwningMiningResult association to MiningResult. For information about how the association is intended to be used, see the ModelResult Associations Diagram in Diagrams for Mining Metadata Types.
  • The PrimaryType metadata type has a new attribute, IsHidden. IsHidden is a Boolean value that indicates if the object is visible in metadata user interfaces such as in the SAS Folders tree and on the Search tab.
  • The SoftwareComponent metadata type has a new attribute, ConfigureVersion. ConfigureVersion supports a string that indicates the version of the code in the configuration directory.
  • Documentation Modifications

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