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REPOS Namespace Metadata Types


Subclass of Repository


The RepositoryBase class models the metadata for SAS Metadata Repositories.


Name Description Type Length
Access The repository's persisted access mode. Valid values are:
the default value: indicates the repository is available for read, write, and update access to everyone
makes the repository available for reading only
makes the repository available only to administrators
makes the repository unavailable to everyone.
Integer 1
Path The directory where the repository is located. A value for this attribute is required to create a repository. String 200
Engine The engine for this repository. The valid (and default) value is "Base". The alias "V9" is also accepted. String 10
Options SAS library options for this repository. String 200
RepositoryFormat A server-generated value that indicates the format level of the repository's underlying data structures, in the form, 12.04. When this number is incremented, it is an indication that the underlying data structure has changed and a conversion of the repository tables is highly recommended. It is sometimes possible that a server written for one repository format to use repositories that were created with an earlier format; however, there will likely be a performance penalty and some features will not available. Double
RepositoryType The type of repository. Valid values are Foundation, Custom, or Project. A value for this attribute is required to create a repository. When a repository is reregistered, it must be registered as the same type it was when it was created, or the server will return an error. String 40
PauseState A server-generated value that indicates the override state of the repository, derived from the server's state, as set by the Pause method and cleared by the Resume method. The PauseState value is calculated based on the registered Access value for the repository and the downgraded state of server. Valid values are:
an empty string
indicates the repository is available for reading and writing to all users
indicates the repository is available for reading only
indicates the repository is available for reading and writing, but only to administrative users of the server
indicates the repository is available for reading only and to administrative users of the server
means the repository is unavailable to all users.
String 15
MetadataCreated A server-generated values that indicates the date and time the repository object was created. Double

MetadataUpdated A server-generated value that indicates the date and time the repository object was last updated. Double

Inherited Attributes

Name, Id, Desc, MetadataCreated, MetadataUpdated


Name Cardinality Description Associated Types

Partner: Objects

0 to *The access controls for this repository object.  AccessControl


The following section includes usage notes for the RepositoryBase type.

All Methods

A SAS Open Metadata Interface method call that adds, updates, or deletes a RepositoryBase object instance or any of its properties must specify REPOS in the Namespace parameter. It must also specify the OMI_TRUSTED_CLIENT flag (268435456) in the Flags parameter.

Caution: The metadata server must add, update, and delete objects in the REPOS namespace when no other activity is taking place in the server, so it automatically delays other client requests until the REPOS namespace changes are complete. This may have a small effect on server performance.

Persisted Availability

A repository's persisted availability is indicated by the value in its Access attribute. To grant read and write access to all users, set Access="0", which is the default value. To make a repository read-only, set Access="1". To grant only administrators access to the repository, set Access="2". To take a repository offline, set Access="4". The value Access="3" is reserved for future use. The repository's persisted availability is set when the repository is created with AddMetadata method and modified by using the UpdateMetadata method.

To grant specific users ReadMetadata and WriteMetadata permission to a repository or to specific metadata objects in the repository, use the SAS Open Metadata Architecture authorization facility. For more information about the authorization facility, see the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.

Using Pause

The Pause method temporarily downgrades the availability of all repositories to the state specified for the SAS Metadata Server. If a repository is registered with a more restrictive value in its Access attribute, then the Pause method has no effect on it. The repository's downgraded state is indicated in the PauseState attribute. A repository remains in the downgraded state until client activity is resumed by using the Resume method, or the metadata server is stopped and restarted. The Resume method returns repositories to the availabilitiy specified in the Access attribute.

Getting Repository Information

You can retrieve the Id, Name, Access, Path, Engine, Options, PauseState, RepositoryFormat, and RepositoryType values of all repositories by issuing a GetRepositories method call that sets the OMI_ALL (1) flag. To get the values of the remaining attributes, use GetMetadata or GetMetadataObjects.

For more information, see the GetRepositories and UpdateMetadata methods in the SAS Open Metadata Interface: Reference and Usage.

Using DeleteMetadata

You are given the option of deleting only the metadata in a repository, deleting the metadata and the repository's registration, or deleting the repository's registration and leaving the metadata intact. This last is known as unregistering the repository. For more information, see DeleteMetadata in the SAS Open Metadata Interface: Reference and Usage.

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