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About This Book

This guide describes the SAS 9.3 Metadata Model. With the SAS Open Metadata Interface and the SAS Metadata Server, the SAS Metadata Model forms the core of the SAS Open Metadata Architecture, which provides common metadata services to SAS applications.The SAS Metadata Model defines the metadata types that the SAS Open Metadata Interface and derivative metadata APIs use to create metadata on the SAS Metadata Server.

Many SAS 9.3 applications enable users to create, query, and update metadata without having to know about the SAS Metadata Model. This guide is not intended for users of those applications. This guide is intended for users of metadata APIs such as the SAS Open Metadata Interface, SAS Java Metadata Interface, SAS metadata DATA step functions, and PROC METADATA. These APIs enable users to code metadata definitions.

The guide is divided into two parts:

Describes the SAS Metadata Model and how it should be used by metadata programmers. It categorizes the SAS namespace types into functional submodels, and provides hierarchy and associations diagrams to help you understand inheritance.
Metadata Types
Provides reference information about SAS Metadata Model metadata types. The SAS Metadata Model provides metadata types in the REPOS and SAS namespaces. A client that creates application metadata uses metadata types from the SAS namespace.

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