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SAS Namespace Types


Subclass of Text


One of several metadata types used to describe the physical location of some form of content. ArchiveEntry describes a unit of content in an archive file.

Security Inheritance and Enforcement Rules

The following list of associations is used to determine if this object should inherit access controls from another object (inheritance), or if the association is allowed for the object (enforcement). An association will not be created unless the calling user is authorized to update one or both objects involved in the association. For more information about inheritance and enforcement rules, see the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.


Name Description Type Length
EntryName The name of the entry in the archive file.   String 256  
Path This is the path name stored in the archive file for this entry.   String 256  

Inherited Attributes
Name, Id, Desc, MetadataCreated, MetadataUpdated, ChangeState, IsHidden, LockedBy, PublicType, TextRole, TextType, UsageVersion


= indicates the resident side of an association, or where the association is persisted for cross-repository associations. If no resident side is indicated, this association may not cross repository boundaries.
Name Cardinality Description Associated Types

Partner: ArchiveEntries

1 to 1 The archive file that contains this entry ArchiveFile

Inherited Associations
AccessControls/Objects, Aliases/AliasFor, AliasFor/Aliases, AssociatedContentType/ContentItems, AssociatedProperty/StoredConfiguration, AssociatedQueryClause/SourceCode, AssociatedTrainedResult/TrainCode, AssociatedTransformation/SourceCode, AssociatedType/StoredConfiguration, Changes/Objects, CustomAssociations/OwningObject, DeployedComponents/DataPackages, Documents/Objects, Extensions/OwningObject, ExternalIdentities/OwningObject, FavoritesContainers/Favorites, FileRefs/FileRefLocations, Groups/Members, Implementors/ImplementedObjects, Keywords/Objects, LocalizedAttributes/AssociatedLocalizedObject, Notes/Objects, PrimaryPropertyGroup/AssociatedObject, Prompts/PromptEnabledObject, Properties/AssociatedObject, PropertySets/OwningObject, ReferencedObjects/AssociatedObjects, Reports/ReportLocation, ResponsibleParties/Objects, SourceTransformations/TransformationSources, SpecSourceTransformations/SourceSpecifications, SpecTargetTransformations/TargetSpecifications, TableCollections/CollectionLocations, Targets/TextualInformationObjects, TargetTransformations/TransformationTargets, Timestamps/Objects, Trees/Members, TSAssociatedNamespace/TSNamespaceLocations, TSObjectNamespace/TSObjects, UnitofTimes/AssociatedContentLocation, UsedByPackages/UsingPackages, UsedByPrototypes/UsingPrototype, UsingPackages/UsedByPackages, UsingPrototype/UsedByPrototypes, Variables/AssociatedObject

Attribute Details

     Type:  String 256  

The name of the entry in the archive file.

     Type:  String 256  

This is the path name stored in the archive file for this entry.

Association Details

     Cardinality:   1 to 1
     Partner:  ArchiveEntries

The archive file that contains this entry 

Associated Types:

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