Refreshing a Cube

You can refresh a cube on an OLAP server by using the REFRESH CUBE statement.
REFRESH CUBE cube-name | _ALL_;
The statement allows the server to access global calculated members and named sets that were defined or deleted since the cube header was loaded into the servers cube cache. This includes removing access to any global definitions that have been deleted since the server was started. This is particularly important for global members and sets created using the PROC OLAP DEFINE command, or those deleted using the PROC OLAP UNDEFINE command. If the _ALL_ keyword is specified, all cubes on the OLAP server are refreshed.
Note: The REFRESH CUBE statement does not show changes to a cube that were made with the UPDATE_IN_PLACE or the ADD_DATA PROC OLAP option. You can disable and then enable a cube to force a cube update so that it can be seen.