Overview: OLAPOPERATE Procedure

The OLAPOPERATE procedure enables users to manage an OLAP server, its cubes, its sessions, and their queries. It is intended as a batch interface for many of the functions provided in the OLAP Server Monitor plug-in for SAS Management Console. More specifically, you can use PROC OLAPOPERATE to connect to an OLAP server and perform the following tasks:
  • list sessions, queries, and cubes for an active OLAP server
  • close individual active sessions
  • cancel or close individual open result sets
  • disable a cube or all cubes
  • enable a cube or all cubes
  • refresh a cube or all cubes
  • stop, quiesce, pause, or resume the OLAP server
You can establish a connection to a running SAS OLAP Server by providing connection information about the PROC OLAPOPERATE statement or by running the CONNECT statement. All other OLAPOPERATE statements require a connection to an OLAP server. After you have connected, all subsequent statements apply to that server until a DISCONNECT or STOP SERVER statement is executed.
If a connection is made to a secured OLAP server, you must have administrative privileges defined with your login information in the metadata in order to execute these tasks. The OLAPOPERATE procedure is an interactive procedure and its statements are executed as they are encountered. The OLAPOPERATE procedure is terminated by a QUIT or a RUN statement. For example, you can list sessions for a server and then close certain sessions based on the output of the LIST SESSIONS statement, without having to reinvoke the procedure (and reconnect to the OLAP server).
The OLAPOPERATE procedure can be used on 9.1 through 9.3 OLAP servers. For 9.1 OLAP servers, some of the statements are not available.