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Dictionary of ODS Language Statements

ODS PS Statement

Opens, manages, or closes the PS destination, which produces PostScript (PS) output.
Valid: anywhere
Category: ODS: Third-Party Formatted
Interaction: By default, when you execute a procedure that uses the FORMCHAR system option (for example, PROC PLOT or PROC CHART), ODS formats the output in SAS Monospace font. If you are creating output that will be viewed in an operating environment where SAS software is not installed, this output will not display correctly, because without SAS, the SAS Monospace font is not recognized. To make your document display correctly, include the following statement before your SAS program:
OPTIONS FORMCHAR="|----|+|---+=|-/\<>*"; 

Without an Action or Options
Opening and Closing the PS Destination
See Also
When you are producing PostScript output, verify that your online viewer or printer is set to use the same paper size as the value that is specified by the OPTIONS PAPERSIZE= statement. Otherwise, some parts of your output might appear to be missing.   [cautionend]


ODS PS <(<ID=>identifier)> <action>;
ODS PS <(<ID=>identifier)> <option(s)>;

Without an Action or Options

If you use the ODS PS statement without an action or options, then it opens the PS destination and creates PostScript output.


The following table lists the actions that are available for the ODS PS statement. For complete descriptions of actions see Actions in the ODS PRINTER statement.

ODS PS Action Summary Table
Task Action
Close the PCL destination and the file that is associated with it CLOSE
Exclude output objects from the PCL destination EXCLUDE
Select output objects for the PCL destination SELECT
Write to the SAS log the current selection or exclusion list for the PCL destination SHOW


The following table lists the options available for the ODS PS statement. For more detailed descriptions of these options, see Options in the ODS PRINTER statement.

ODS PS Option Summary Table
Task Option
Specify the root name for the anchor tag that identifies each output object in the current file ANCHOR=
Insert the text string that you specify as the author in the metadata of a file AUTHOR=
Specify a string to use as the first part of all references that ODS creates in the file BASE=
Specify whether to generate and display the list of bookmarks for a PS file BOOKMARKLIST=
Control the generation of bookmarks in a PS file BOOKMARKGEN=
Apply a specified color scheme to your output COLOR=
Specify the number of columns to create on each page of output COLUMNS=
Specify a cascading style sheet to apply to your output CSSSTYLE=
Specify the image resolution for output files DPI=
Specify the file to write to FILE=
Open multiple instances of the same destination at the same time ID=
Insert a string of keywords into the output file's metadata KEYWORDS=
Create a new file at the specified starting-point NEWFILE=
Specify that the output from the destination be added to an ODS package PACKAGE
Insert special markup which is used when converting a PostScript file to a PDF file PDFMARK
Control whether notes are added to a PDF file for items that are associated with the FLYOVER= style attribute PDFNOTE
Control page breaks STARTPAGE=
Specify the style definition to use in writing the PS output STYLE=
Insert text into your output TEXT=
For multipage tables, ensure uniformity from page to page within a single table UNIFORM


The ODS PS statement is part of the ODS printer family of statements. Statements in the printer family open the PCL, PDF, PRINTER, or PS destination, producing output that is suitable for a high-resolution printer. The ODS PCL, ODS PDF, and ODS PRINTER statements are also members of the ODS printer family of statements.

Opening and Closing the PS Destination

You can modify an open PS destination with many ODS PS options. However, the FILE=, PDFMARK, and SAS options will automatically close the open destination that is referred to in the ODS PS statement and will also close any files associated with it, and then open a new instance of the destination. If you use one of these options, it is best if you explicitly close the destination yourself.

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