Create Scoring Output Tables

What Is a Scoring Output Table?

A scoring output table is a SAS data set that contains the data from executing a scoring test. The scoring output table cannot be a database table. You can provide a scoring output table or you can create a scoring output table definition using SAS Model Manager. When you create a scoring test, you specify either the scoring output table that you provide or the scoring test output definition as the scoring test output table. A SAS data set that you provide as a scoring output table must be registered in the SAS Metadata Repository and made available to SAS Model Manager in the Data category view.
You can create a scoring output table definition by using the Create Scoring Output Table function directly from the model. You select variables from a scoring test input table as well as variables from the model’s output. The variables in the input variables table are variables from the scoring test input table when one is specified for the Default scoring input table property on the Model Properties page for the selected model, or on the Project Properties page for the project that contains the selected model. Otherwise, the input variables table is empty. The output variables that appear are model output variables. You use the variables from both tables to create the scoring output table. For more information, see Set Model Properties.
If you create a scoring output table on the Model Properties page, it is automatically saved in the SAS Metadata Repository. You then have to add it to the desired library in the Data category view. If you add an existing scoring output table to a library in the Data category view, it must be available in the SAS Metadata Repository.
SAS Model Manager saves the table definition as metadata in the SAS Metadata Repository. The location of the metadata is defined by the SAS library that you specify when you create the output table definition. After the table definition is created, the table can be selected as the output table for subsequent scoring tests.
You can view a scoring output table definition in the Data category view. Scoring test results are stored in the Results tab on the Scoring page.

Create a Scoring Output Table

To create a scoring output table:
  1. Select a model on the Models page and click New Scoring Output Table. The Create a Scoring Output Table window appears.
    Note: You can also open a model and then select Model Properties then selectVariables then selectOutput to create a scoring output table.
    Create a Scoring Output Table
  2. Enter a name for the scoring output table.
  3. Select a library.
  4. Select the input variables.
  5. Select the output variables.
  6. Select whether to add the model ID variable to the output table. The model UUID appears in all rows of the output table.
  7. Select whether to use project’s output variable names in the output table for model variables that are mapped to project variables.
  8. Click Add Variables. The new output table variables appear below.
  9. Click OK.
  10. You must then make the new scoring output table available to SAS Model Manager. For more information, see Add Tables That Are Registered in Metadata.
Last updated: June 12, 2017