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METALIB Procedure

Overview: METALIB Procedure

The METALIB procedure supports SAS data sets (data files and data views), DBMS data, and SAS Information Maps. The data source or information map is referred to as a table in this documentation and the procedure's output.

When you run PROC METALIB, you specify a SAS library that is already defined in the SAS Metadata Server. A SAS library is defined in the metadata by a SASLibrary object. A table in a SAS library is defined in the metadata by several objects that are collectively called a table definition. All of the table definitions that are associated with a SASLibrary object are tracked in an association list.

The METALIB procedure updates the metadata in the metadata server to match the tables in a library. By default, the procedure performs the following tasks:

With optional statements, PROC METALIB can perform the following additional tasks:

For more information, see How PROC METALIB Works. For details about information maps, see Base SAS Guide to Information Maps.

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