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METALIB Procedure

Concepts: METALIB Procedure


The procedure examines the data source (the SAS library) that is referenced by the SASLibrary object. Then the procedure examines the SAS table names in the data source and compares them to the values of the SASTableName= attributes in the metadata. For each SAS table name in the data source, the procedure checks the repository association list to see whether a matching table definition exists.

For more information, see topics about managing table metadata in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Administration Guide.

Note:   The maximum length for index names that can be registered by PROC METALIB is 256 characters. However, other components of SAS or the DBMS might enforce a shorter length, causing the name to be truncated.  [cautionend]

What Metadata Is Updated?

The procedure updates all table definitions that are associated with the specified SASLibrary object. The affected metadata objects include PhysicalTable, Column, ForeignKey, Index, KeyAssociation, and UniqueKey. For more information about these metadata objects, see their descriptions in SAS Metadata Model: Reference.

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