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METALIB Procedure

Syntax: METALIB Procedure

Requirement: The metadata server must be running. The SAS library must already be defined in the metadata by using a product such as SAS Management Console.
Requirement: If the data source is ADABAS, you must set the META_ADABAS environment variable to 1.
Table of Contents: METALIB Procedure

OMR <=> (LIBID = <">identifier<"> | LIBRARY = <">name<"> | LIBRARY = "/folder-pathname/name" | LIBURI = "URI-format"
<EXCLUDE <=> (table-specification <table-specification-n>);>
| <SELECT (table-specification <READ=read-password> <table-specification-n <READ=read-password-n>>);>
<FOLDER <=> "/pathname";> | <FOLDERID <=> "identifier.identifier";>
<PREFIX <=> <">text<">;>
<REPORT <<=> (report-arguments)>;>

Task Statement
Update metadata in the metadata server to match the tables in a library PROC METALIB Statement
Specify the data source and connection parameters for the SAS Metadata Server OMR Statement
Exclude or select a table, or a list of tables, for processing EXCLUDE or SELECT Statement
Specify where new metadata is stored in SAS folders FOLDER or FOLDERID Statement
Specify the maximum number of Job or Transformation objects that can be affected by updates to table definitions IMPACT_LIMIT Statement
Suppress the metadata changes from being made NOEXEC Statement
Specify a text string to add to the beginning of all new metadata object names PREFIX Statement
Create a report that summarizes metadata changes REPORT Statement
Override default update behavior UPDATE_RULE Statement

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