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METALIB Procedure


Specifies the maximum number of Job or Transformation objects that can be affected by updates to table definitions.
See also: Generating an Impact Analysis




maximum number (an integer) of Job or Transformation objects that can be affected by changes to a table. For each table that is analyzed, if the specified number is exceeded, the table's metadata is not added, updated, or deleted. You can specify IMPACT_LIMIT with TYPE=DETAIL in the REPORT statement to generate an impact analysis. The default is no impact limit and no impact analysis.

With this argument, the procedure identifies potential impact only. It does not verify that a Job or Transformation object will be affected, only that it could be affected.

The procedure identifies only the Job or Transformation objects that can be directly affected by the changes. These objects can contain many other objects that could also be affected by the changes, but those objects are not analyzed. If you would like to perform a more thorough impact analysis, you can use SAS Data Integration Studio.

For more information about Job and Transformation objects, see the online Help in SAS Data Integration Studio.

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