Deletes a note marker from a SAS data set or an external file.

Categories: SAS File I/O
External Files


Required Arguments

data-set-id | file-id

is a numeric variable that specifies the identifier that was assigned when the data set or external file was opened, generally by the OPEN function or the FOPEN function.


is a numeric value that specifies the identifier that was assigned by the NOTE or FNOTE function.


DROPNOTE deletes a marker set by NOTE or FNOTE. It returns a 0 if successful and ≠0 if not successful.


This example opens the SAS data set MYDATA, fetches the first observation, and sets a note ID at the beginning of the data set. It uses POINT to return to the first observation, and then uses DROPNOTE to delete the note ID:
%let dsid=%sysfunc(open(mydata,i));
%let rc=%sysfunc(fetch(&dsid));
%let noteid=%sysfunc(note(&dsid));
   more macro statements
%let rc=%sysfunc(point(&dsid,&noteid));
%let rc=%sysfunc(fetch(&dsid));
%let rc=%sysfunc(dropnote(&dsid,&noteid));