POINT Function

Locates an observation that is identified by the NOTE function.

Category: SAS File I/O


Required Arguments


is a numeric variable that specifies the data set identifier that the OPEN function returns.


is a numeric variable that specifies the identifier assigned to the observation by the NOTE function.


POINT returns 0 if the operation was successful, ≠0 if it was not successful. POINT prepares the program to read from the SAS data set. The Data Set Data Vector is not updated until a read is done using FETCH or FETCHOBS.


This example calls NOTE to obtain an observation ID for the most recently read observation of the SAS data set MYDATA. It calls POINT to point to that observation, and calls FETCH to return the observation marked by the pointer.
%let dsid=%sysfunc(open(mydata,i));
%let rc=%sysfunc(fetch(&dsid));
%let noteid=%sysfunc(note(&dsid));
   ...more macro statements...
%let rc=%sysfunc(point(&dsid,&noteid));
%let rc=%sysfunc(fetch(&dsid));
   ...more macro statements...
%let rc=%sysfunc(close(&dsid));