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SAS/CONNECT 9.2 Driver for Java

About the SAS/CONNECT Driver for Java

The SAS/CONNECT driver for Java provides the Java classes that enable you to write Java programs that communicate with a SAS/CONNECT server. It enables you to take advantage of the computational capabilities of SAS from within your Java applications, applets, and servlets. (While the SAS/CONNECT driver for Java classes can be used to create Java applets, applications, and servlets, this documentation focuses primarily on applet development.)

Using the SAS/CONNECT driver for Java, you can create Java applications or applets that start a SAS session, connect to that session, create data sets, access existing SAS data, run procedures to analyze SAS data, and retrieve the results. The SAS/CONNECT driver for Java enables you to take advantage of remote computing resources on the SAS server machine. These remote capabilities turn your Java applications and applets into thin-client Web applications.

In addition to enabling you to submit SAS statements, the SAS/CONNECT driver for Java classes also provide a way to submit SQL statements, so you can access and update SAS data from your SAS/CONNECT driver for Java applets. We also offer the tunnel feature, which enables you to move your SAS server software to a machine other than your Web server and provides a way to navigate firewalls.

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