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SAS/CONNECT 9.2 Driver for Java

About the Tunnel Feature

The tunnel feature is an optional feature that you can use with Java applets written using the SAS/SHARE driver for JDBC or the SAS/CONNECT driver for Java. It addresses two common configuration problems encountered with Java applets that communicate with another machine:

Note: Java Plug-in software, from Sun Microsystems, Inc., allows you to configure the way your applets access machines on your network. If you are using the tunnel feature to allow an applet to communicate with machines other than the Web server from which it is downloaded, you can use the Java Plug-in software instead.

The tunnel feature can solve both of these problems by virtually eliminating the restrictions on where your SAS software runs in relation to your Web server and firewall. In addition, because the tunnel feature gives you complete control over who can access what, you gain these benefits without sacrificing security for your vital data. The tunnel feature enables you to greatly enhance the power and flexibility of the applets you create with the SAS/SHARE driver for JDBC and the SAS/CONNECT driver for Java.

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