Directory and Search Path Options

You can configure the directories that SAS/IML Studio searches when trying to locate Java classes, data files, matrices, and modules.

Select ToolsOptions from the main menu, and click the Directories tab. This tab is shown in Figure 34.11.

Figure 34.11: The Directories Tab

The Directories tab has the following fields:

Show directories for

specifies the type of file (Java classes, data files, matrices, or modules) that the search path applies to.

Search Path

specifies the directories to search when SAS/IML Studio tries to find the indicated type of file. The directories are searched in the order listed.


opens the Browse for Folder dialog box. (See Figure 34.12.) When you select a directory, the directory name is added to the Search Path list.


removes the selected directory from the Search Path list.

Move Up

moves the selected directory up one position in the Search Path list. The directories in the list are searched in order, from top to bottom, so to reduce search time you should position frequently used directories near the top of the list. Caution: Do not change the relative positions of the four standard entries.

Move Down

moves the selected directory down one position in the Search Path list.

Set Default

copies the selected directory into the Default Storage Directory field.

Default Storage Directory

specifies the directory in which to store modules or matrices when an IMLPlus program executes a STORE statement. To change this field, click Change or Set Default.

Personal Files Directory

specifies the personal files directory. To change this field, click Change. The personal files directory is described in the section The Personal Files Directory.

Figure 34.12: The Browse for Folder Dialog Box