The Personal Files Directory

The first time you run SAS/IML Studio, a personal files directory called My IML Studio Files is created. By default, the personal files directory corresponds to the Windows directory shown in Table 34.1.

Table 34.1: The Personal Files Directory

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\ userid \My Documents\My IML Studio Files

Windows Vista

C:\Users\ userid \Documents\My IML Studio Files

It is recommended that you store the files you create with SAS/IML Studio in subdirectories of the personal files directory. This provides the following advantages:

  • Each person who logs on to the computer has a unique personal files directory.

  • The personal files directory keeps your files separate from files distributed with SAS/IML Studio.

  • If all your SAS/IML Studio files are in subdirectories of the personal files directory, it is easier for you to back up your files.

  • When you open a file by selecting FileOpenFile from the main menu, the dialog box contains a button that lets you navigate directly to the personal files directory.

In the personal files directory, SAS/IML Studio creates the following subdirectories:


directory for user-written Java classes

Data Sets

directory for SAS data sets


directory for IMLPlus matrices stored on the client computer


directory for IMLPlus modules


directory for IMLPlus programs