FILTERLIST System Option: Windows

Specifies an alternative set of file filter specifications to use for the Open and Save As dialog boxes.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment Control: Display
Default: none
Windows specifics: all


-FILTERLIST "filter1 | filter2|... | filter-n"

Required Argument

filter1...filter n

specifies one or more strings of text separated by a "|" and enclosed in double quotation marks, such as "*.Bob's work | SAS*.*" Note that you can specify long file extensions that include spaces and single quotation marks.


All filters in the FILTERLIST are added to the application specified filter list displayed in the Files of type dialog box in the Open dialog box and in the Save as type box in the Save As dialog box. The first filter in the FILTERLIST becomes the default filter. The FILTERLIST must be enclosed in double quotation marks.