FILELOCKWAITMAX= System Option: Windows

Sets an upper limit on the amount of time that SAS waits for a locked file.

Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Files: SAS Files
Default: 600
Windows specifics: all



Required Argument


specifies the amount of time, in seconds, that SAS waits for a locked file to become available.

Default 600
Range 0 - 600
Interactions Specifying the FILELOCKWAITMAX= system option can have an adverse effect on one or more SAS/SHARE server and client sessions that are waiting for the release of a SAS file that is locked by another process. One or more wait conditions could lead to failed processes for a SAS/SHARE server and clients.
To prevent the possibility of a failed SAS/SHARE process, you can specify FILELOCKWAITMAX=0, which cancels the amount of time that a SAS/SHARE server and clients would wait for the release of a locked file. Canceling the wait time would prevent a failed process.


The FILELOCKWAITMAX= system option enables you to limit or turn off the amount of time SAS waits for a locked file. SAS uses the FILELOCKWAIT= LIBNAME option to wait for the file to become available. Using the FILELOCKWAITMAX= system option, an administrator can limit or turn off this behavior. Normally, SAS returns an error if the file that it attempts to access is locked. If you set FILELOCKWAITMAX= to 0, SAS fails immediately after encountering a locked file. This option is used primarily by a system administrator.